Zoo Atlanta Retro Panda Glass Can

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Feast your eyes on this thoughtfully designed drinking vessel, adorned with enchanting artwork of a curious panda peeking out from a bamboo jungle and letters. Shaped like a can for that perfect fit in your hand, this glass comes with a snug-fit lid and a straw for your convenience. Not only will you relish sipping your favorite drink from it, but you'll also be showing your support for Zoo Atlanta. The striking glass is a nod to the giant panda's global popularity and the successful conservation programs centered around it. And we know you just can't get enough of pandas! With Zoo Atlanta's panda exhibit being a crowd favorite, and their panda cam allowing virtual viewing any time of day or night, this panda-themed glass is a perfect addition to your collection.

  • Capacity: 16 oz.
  • Material: Glass jar, bamboo lid, silicone straw.
  • Measures: 3" d x 5.35" h.
  • Care: Glass is dishwasher safe. Hand wash lid and straw.
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Thank you for your purchase, when you support Zoo Atlanta, you are making a direct impact on the superior stewardship of the animals here at home and the conservation of wildlife and wild places around the world.