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About MuzeMerch

The New Way to shop cultural products.

MuzeMerch is the official online shopping destination supporting many of the nation’s premier museums, science centers, gardens, zoos, aquariums and cultural landmarks that enrich our lives and communities.

Operated by Event Network, the leading retail partner to cultural attractions across the US, MuzeMerch proudly brings together curated gift selections and guest favorites from each destination – making a shopping ‘visit’ to these special places accessible to all.

Why We’re Different

Every MuzeMerch purchase helps support a collective of cultural institutions, inspiring a better future for all through our partners’ initiatives and programs which promote research, education, and understanding.

Like you, we believe that every choice (big and little) can add up quickly to create a positive impact in our world. When you choose to shop at MuzeMerch, you are demonstrating your support for respected cultural institutions, and helping to achieve their critical missions. On behalf of our partners and all of us at MuzeMerch, thank you for making a difference!


Zoos &

From conservation and the protection of endangered species, to rehabilitating wildlife and keeping our oceans clean, zoos and aquariums advance research, operate healing centers, and conduct a variety of programs and initiatives that have a lasting effect on our planet and animals.



Conservation, science, and the understanding of horticulture play a vital role in maintaining all types of natural habitats and maintaining healthy ecosystems. Preserving rare plant species helps unlock the mysteries of nature and vegetation. Gardens also provide a respite for relaxation and tranquility, a much needed outlet for physical and mental well-being.


Art Museums &

Art keeps culture alive and reflects a changing society. By continuing to share our stories and experiences, art museums promote expression, understanding and inspiration. Our buildings and spaces shape how we live and move through our daily lives. Scholarships, grants and educational and enrichment programs offered by museums and design centers are vital to students, educators, and artists.


Military &

Military sites and monuments honor those who served, are serving, or made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. Looking to our past and learning from history we can examine our ideals and imagine a better future. Preserving history, and keeping living history fresh and relevant, requires ongoing research and careful dedication to maintaining sites for future generations to enjoy and learn from.


Science Centers

Science is at the center of most innovation and problem-solving. From STEM studies (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), to exploring the wonders of our solar system and the Earth’s history, science centers are a dynamic resource for children, families, and people of all ages with a curiosity about life and how things work. Science centers empower educators, students, and well, everybody – to be knowledgeable about the world, our place in it, and recognize our potential to achieve just about anything we set our minds to do!


Living History

The collection and preservation of our past provides a continuum of understanding, and undoubtedly informs our future. By recreating historical moments and environments just as they were, living history museums and landmarks bring the past to life so that we can continue to interpret and experience turning points in time.


Natural History

From dinosaur bones and prehistoric times, to modern day climate challenges, the study of natural history is critical to deepening our knowledge and understanding about life on earth. Museums of Natural History play an active role in new discoveries, and ongoing research.