New England Aquarium Logo Patch

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Patches, patches, everywhere! Collecting patches has become the ultimate hobby, and it's no wonder why. There are countless ways to showcase these little treasures, whether you prefer to adorn your walls with a grand display, create intricate scrapbooks, or stick them proudly onto your favorite clothing and accessories. And now, introducing the most delightful embroidered stick-on patch from the renowned New England Aquarium! Not only will this patch transport you back to your unforgettable visit, but it's also a fantastic way to show your support for this incredible venue. Applying this stick-on patch is a breeze, making it an absolute joy to add to your collection. Plus, its custom design is as unique as you are, ensuring that your patch stands out from the rest. So, dive into the world of patch collecting and let this New England Aquarium stick-on patch be your newest treasure!

  • Measures: 3" w.
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Partner Credited Name New England Aquarium Gift Shop
Venue Type Aquarium
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Your purchase of this product contributes to the New England Aquarium's animals and conservation efforts. Thank you for your support!