New England Aquarium Harbor Seal Glass Dome Keychain

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Relive your unforgettable trip to the mesmerizing New England Aquarium with this whimsical keychain that will transport you back to the enchanting world of marine life. Within a delicate glass dome, a captivating image of a playful harbor seal awaits, its adorable presence forever preserved. Enclosed by a sturdy die-cast nickel case that elegantly encircles the dome, this keychain ensures both durability and style. And the best part? The captivating artwork can be admired from both sides, allowing you to showcase the magic of the underwater realm wherever you go. With a convenient split ring design, this keychain effortlessly attaches to your keys, offering easy access and secure storage. Let this delightful keychain be a constant reminder of the wonder and beauty you experienced at the New England Aquarium, a truly unforgettable adventure.

  • Measures: 1.4” in diameter.
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Your purchase of this product contributes to the New England Aquarium's animals and conservation efforts. Thank you for your support!