Lincoln Park Zoo Rhino Savanna T-Shirt

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Indulge in the ultimate comfort while making a statement for wildlife conservation with the Maroon Rhino Savanna Tee from Lincoln Park Zoo – a soft and alluring all-cotton jersey knit t-shirt that combines style and purpose. Customized exclusively for the zoo, this tee features a captivating illustration of a rhino wandering the vast savanna, capturing the majesty of nature's creatures in their natural habitat. More than just a garment, it's a thoughtful gift and a treasured souvenir from your visit to Lincoln Park Zoo, inviting you to carry the spirit of the zoo and its mission wherever you go. Softness and comfort take center stage, making this tee an essential addition to your wardrobe for both comfort and advocacy. The rich Maroon hue adds a touch of timeless elegance, making this tee a versatile companion for various settings and occasions. Slip into this tee and become a voice for wildlife, embodying the harmony between humanity and the animal kingdom.
  • Color: Maroon.
  • Material: 100% cotton.
  • Fit: Adult, unisex short sleeve t-shirt.
  • Care: Machine wash warm, tumble dry low. Consider washing in cold-water and line drying to conserve natural resources.
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