Lincoln Park Zoo For Wildlife for All Magnet

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Capture the essence of Lincoln Park Zoo's mission with the captivating Collectible Magnet – a piece of art that echoes the zoo's heartwarming message, "For Wildlife. For All." Expertly designed to celebrate the beauty of nature and wild animals, this magnet is a thoughtful gift that resonates with nature lovers and zoo enthusiasts alike. Crafted with care, the illustration is the brainchild of Ashley Bedore, a Chicago resident and illustration instructor at Columbia College, whose deep affinity for the natural world shines through every stroke. As a dedicated graphic designer and illustrator for Lincoln Park Zoo, Ashley has found her creative sanctuary in capturing the wild wonders of the zoo's inhabitants. A perfect addition to any collection or a delightful way to adorn your space, this magnet measures 3" w x 2" h and serves as a charming reminder of the precious bond between humanity and the animal kingdom.
  • Measures: 3" w x 2" h.
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