Historical Feather Pen Set

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Step into a world of elegance and sophistication with our beautifully designed feather pen set! This exquisite set boasts six assorted nibs, promising a unique writing experience every time. Tailor your letters and designs to suit your mood with a single stroke! Want to add a touch of historical charm to your compositions? Our feather pen set does just that, and more. Accompanied by a bottle of sienna ink, it provides the perfect blend of tradition and style. Whether you're a calligraphy enthusiast or a lover of all things vintage, this set is your passport to a bygone era, infusing your creations with a classic, timeless appeal. So why wait? Dive into the artistry of yesteryears and let your words flow with grace, one dip at a time.

  • Measures: 10" l x 3.3" w x 2.6" d
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