Battleship IOWA Vicky Keychain

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Unveil the ultimate Battleship IOWA treasure - a custom-designed keychain boasting the iconic charm of Vicky, the beloved mascot! Vicky, or Victory, made his grand entrance aboard the Battleship USS IOWA in 1943 under the care of Captain McCrea, becoming a symbol of valor and companionship. This charming keychain encapsulates Vicky's historic journey, from slumbering at the foot of President Franklin Roosevelt's bed to sharing space with the eminent military minds of World War II. With over 205,000 miles logged on the Battleship USS Iowa, Vicky earned military honors upon departure, forever etching his legacy into the ship's illustrious history.

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Your purchase helps support an interactive naval museum experience that honors and illustrates the positive contributions of the battleship and her crew at critical moments in American history. Funds from sales are used for shipboard maintenance, operations, and programs.