Adler Planetarium Eclipse Water Bottle

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Celebrate the 2024 solar eclipse with this special water bottle from Adler Planetarium that is perfect for stargazers and astronomy buffs everywhere. The glass bottle features a unique logo designed specifically for the event on one side, while the other side showcases the stages of the eclipse. The reusable bottle has a screw-on lid that provides a tight seal to prevent leaks and a colorful silicone carrying strap for easy portability. So, stay hydrated in style with this 16 oz. capacity water bottle that measures 8” h and is made with BPA-free silicone lid seal and strap.

  • Capacity: 16 oz.
  • Materials: Glass. BPA free silicone lid seal and strap.
  • Measures: 8” h.
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Your purchase helps astronomers bring telescopes into neighborhoods all over Chicagoland, teenagers launch original experiments into space, and people of all ages connect under the stars. Thank you for your support of Adler Planetarium!