Telescopes: Through the Looking Glass Book

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Through the Looking Glass celebrates the 400th anniversary of the telescope and the 2009 International Year of Astronomy. This exhibition catalogue focuses on ninety-nine artifacts from the Adler Planetarium's world-class collection of historic telescopes. From the simple lenses of the world's earliest telescopes 400 years ago to the complex computer-driven mirrors of current telescopes, these tools have gathered information about our nearest astronomical neighbors and the most distant objects in the universe. Through the Looking Glass examines this story through select rare books, works on paper, telescopes, and other instruments from the Adler Planetarium's collection. Introductory paragraphs provide background information for each of four time periods, with each section featuring artifact entries that describe each object's place in the fascinating history of the telescope. Telescope-makers intended for their work to be looked at as well as looked through. With this catalogue, readers can enjoy the craftsmanship of telescope-making over the centuries, and catch a glimpse of their importance and of the significant discoveries they enabled.

Chicago: Adler Planetarium & Astronomy Museum, 2009
Author: Marvin Bolt

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