South Carolina Aquarium Souvenir Sticker

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Support the mission of South Carolina Aquarium by adding this fun logo sticker to your basket. This vibrant die-cut sticker is like a burst of energy, ready to bring a splash of color to any surface it adheres to. Stick it on your locker to show off your love for marine life, or on your notebook to make your classmates green with envy. Feeling adventurous? Slap it on your skateboard and ride the waves of style as you cruise down the streets. With its durable and removable design, you can easily switch up the location whenever you want, ensuring the sticker stays fresh and exciting. From laptops to water bottles, this versatile sticker is an awesome addition to any collection, allowing you to proudly display your support for the South Carolina Aquarium wherever you go. So, grab one now and dive into a world of vibrant marine vibes!

  • Made in the USA.
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Your purchase helps the South Carolina Aquarium care for sick and injured sea turtles, provide education programming for students and continue our critical conservation work both within our walls and beyond.