Superpod: Saving the Endangered Orcas of the Pacific Northwest Book

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Author Nora Nickum lives in Washington State and is the senior ocean policy manager at Seattle Aquarium, where she leads orca recovery and other ocean conservation policy efforts.  

The endangered Southern Resident orcas whistle and click their way around the waters of the Pacific Northwest in three small family groups while facing boat noise, pollution, and scarce food. Superpod introduces young readers to the experts who are training scat-sniffing dogs, inventing ways to treat sick orcas, quieting the waters, studying whales from the air, and speaking out.
Readers can dive in to help save these majestic orcas with diverse action ideas and find inspiration for a wide range of future careers.
Your purchase supports the Seattle Aquarium and the mission to Inspire Conservation of Our Marine Environment.  

Reading Age: 8-12 Years Plus
Page Count: 208 Pages
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