JFK Legacy Coin Collection

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Uncirculated Kennedy Half

First minted in 1964 the Kennedy Half dollar was issued to commemorate President Kennedy, minted just a few months after his assassination.

Although minted every year since, Kennedy half dollars stopped normal circulation in 2002.

Proof Kennedy Half

Also first minted in 1964 the proof half dollar was issued in US Mint Proof sets. This example was carefully removed and placed into this collection.

Proof coins are made with special dies and handling to give them a perfect luster.

Bicentennial Kennedy Half

The 1976 bicentennial was a special year for US coinage. The half dollars were minted with a special reverse in 1975 and 1976 so there are no 1975 Kennedy Half dollars. Even the 1975 US Mint

proof-set contains a bicentennial half, quarter and dollar coin.

Kennedy Presidential Dollar

Features an obverse portrait designed and engraved by Don Everhart. The President's downward pose is intended to be reminiscent of his official White House portrait.
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