Griffith Observatory Signs of Life Magnet

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This magnet from Griffith Observatory is not just your ordinary magnet. It's a tiny piece of cosmic magic that lets you bring the wonders of the universe right into your own home. With a mesmerizing design from Signs of Life, a mind-blowing show that unveils the secrets of how life came to be, this magnet is like a portal to the mysteries of the cosmos. Stick it on your fridge and let it remind you of the infinite possibilities that exist beyond our planet. Each time you gaze at it, you'll be transported to a starry world where galaxies collide and planets dance. It's a cosmic keepsake that sparks curiosity and ignites your imagination. So, go ahead and let this magnet be your guide on a journey through the vastness of space. Explore the origins of life, marvel at the cosmic forces that shape our universe, and embrace the beauty of the unknown. Don't just settle for a regular magnet when you can have a piece of the cosmos magnetically attached to your everyday life. Get your hands on this extraordinary magnet from Griffith Observatory and embark on an interstellar adventure from the comfort of your own home.

  • Measures: 2 x 3"
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Partner Credited Name Griffith Observatory
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With each purchase, you help further Griffith Observatory’s mission to inspire everyone to observe, ponder, and understand the sky. Thank you for your support of Griffith Observatory!