Gold Vermeil Monarch Earrings

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These earrings make a wonderful gift for anyone interested in nature and gardening. The natural beauty of a real butterfly wing - its intricate patterns and bold, iridescent colors - is captured inside this two-sided glass chamber. No butterflies are harmed in the creation of each handmade piece. Wings are 100% repurposed at the conclusion of the butterfly's natural life cycle in an ethically maintained and ecologically sustainable environment. Celebrate the wonders of nature with these exquisite earrings that bring a touch of magic to any outfit. With their delicate wings gracefully preserved, these earrings are not only stunning but also a testament to our commitment to sustainability. Each wing tells a unique story, showcasing the intricate designs that only Mother Nature could create. Wear these earrings proudly, knowing that you are supporting a brand that values the beauty of the natural world and strives to protect it for generations to come. Give the gift of nature's splendor with these butterfly wing earrings that embody the harmony between fashion and environmental consciousness.

  • Material: 18K gold vermeil, watch crystal glass, butterfly wings.
  • Measures: 15 mm diameter.
  • Hand-made in Hawaii.
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