Deep Sea Sand Art

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The Deep Sea Sand Art combines erosion and gravity to create fascinating works of art in minutes. Turn the disc and watch the sand react with the water and create interesting shapes that seem suspended in mid-air while sand drifts toward the bottom. The Deep Sea Sand Art is a moving work of art you can display on your desk in your bedroom, office, or living room. This item is not a toy.

Package Contents:
  • 1 Deep Sea Sand Art
  • 3 Piece Base
Instructions for use:

Place the sand painting on a shelf for at least 30 minutes. When you operate it, just hold and shake it gently left and right for a while, so that the air bubbles inside become small bubbles, then turn it over to let the sand slowly flow down from the small bubbles.

Note: It is normal for some bubbles to get stuck.Because the buoyancy of the bubbles is balanced with the gravity of the sand,but the situation rarely happens. After the sand has completely fallen, keep it on the shelf for at least 30 minutes, then turn it over.

How to Adjust Bubbles Quicksand falls too slowly: pump out some air bubbles.

Quicksand falls too fast: add some air bubbles. Turn the sand painting to make the bubbles move near the air hole and make sure there is no sand near the air hole.

Insert a syringe into the air hole to adjust the bubbles.

Unfortunately, we can’t provide syringes and needles. Maybe you can buy it at a pharmacy or other store if needed. A small disposable syringe is enough.
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Partner Credited Name 1636 - SSC
Venue Type Aquarium
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