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With a design created by Los Angeles-based animation designer Brent Noll, this retro-inspired t-shirt captures the spirit of Battleship IOWA, the only naval museum on the West Coast to feature a capital ship that saw action in World War II. Noll co-hosts “BaM Animation,” a YouTube channel that teaches the fundamentals of drawing and animation. He also occasionally flies small aircraft and loves to draw all things mechanical. USS IOWA represents the largest — and last — class of battleships built by the United States Navy. The IOWA class battleships served in every US conflict from World War II through the Gulf War in 1991.

  • Color: Red.
  • Fit: Adult, classic fit.
  • Material: 100% cotton.
  • Care: Machine wash warm, tumble dry low. Consider washing with cold water and line drying to conserve natural resources.
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Your purchase helps support an interactive naval museum experience that honors and illustrates the positive contributions of the battleship and her crew at critical moments in American history. Funds from sales are used for shipboard maintenance, operations, and programs.