American Flag Flown Over Battleship IOWA

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Buy a flag and choose your special day to fly it over Battleship IOWA. Each flag comes with a personalized Certificate of Authenticity with your name and the date your flag was flown. All dates are subject to availability and must have a lead time of at least 72 hours from date of purchase. American flag flown on the USS Iowa.  

Flag dimensions: 3 feet x 5 feet.

Please complete the required fields above by entering the first and last name of the certificate holder, and the date you want your flag to be flown in the same field as the last name. Please note that some dates such as the 4th of July may not be available. Please enter the date in the following format: MM/DD/YYYY.

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Maximum 20 characters

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Your purchase helps support an interactive naval museum experience that honors and illustrates the positive contributions of the battleship and her crew at critical moments in American history. Funds from sales are used for shipboard maintenance, operations, and programs.